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Image by Artem Sapegin

Ritual BDSM

Ritual BDSM is an invitation to step over the edge and go deep into the shadow. Take your kink to the next level with a unique session inspired by your kink erotic blueprint. We'll co-create a ritual delineated by your must have \ must not have boundaries and consisting of your preferences for domination, restraint, impact play, role play, CNC and \ or intimate touch.

Ritual BDSM is a crafted experience centered around you and made up of intersecting components: 

domination/submission * * * restraint and tying

impact play * * * role play

consensual non-consent * * * intimate touch

You decide what combination of these you want in the ritual and the level of intensity on a scale of 1 to 10. The ritual seed will be your intention for the session. Do you want to feel truly and deeply alive? Do you want to call something in or let go of something? Are you carrying something you want to heal?  

A safe space will be created for the ritual to take place. The ritual will take you to a sacred space where you can face your shadow and in bringing light to this place create the possibility of integration of the shadow for a healthier and more whole psyche and personality. 

* * * please note * * * 

I can only work with you if you are confident you can take responsibility for maintaining and communicating your own boundaries at all times. I am not a therapist, counselor or psychotherapist. I am not qualified to treat anyone with unresolved trauma. If you have or suspect you may have unresolved trauma, or have any uncertainty about managing your own boundaries you must seek professional therapeutic help before working with a practitioner such as me. The last thing I want is for anything to happen that you really don't want.

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