Your session will be three hours and will take place in a clean spacious comfortable bright modern apartment  within easy reach of central London - 5 minutes from Manor House underground station on the Piccadilly Line. The fee is £300 payable in advance, or £100 deposit in advance and the balance in cash on the day. We can arrange shorter or longer sessions or an alternate location. Get in touch and we'll work out what’s right for you. I can travel anywhere in the UK if you are happy to cover my travel time and expenses (£50/hour + train cost).

I am happy to work with women and couples

Session structure and pricing:

Location: Clean spacious comfortable bright modern apartment

5 mins from Manor House station on the Piccadilly Line

Session Duration - 3 hours

Arriving & Integration -   30 mins

Experience & Being - 120 mins

Integration & Departure -   30 mins

Investment: £300 per session 

(£100 deposit to secure the session)


Phone +44 7307 029268 

Message on whatsapp or via SMS text first

and we can arrange a time to talk or meet

In special circumstances, session structure, location or pricing can be adjusted. Don’t rule yourself out because of an apparent barrier. It would be much better to get in touch so we can find out if there is a way to align the offer with your circumstances.



+44 7307 029 268

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