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Tantra Massage, Sensual Touch and Shadow Tantra.

A standard session is three hours and the charge is £300 per session. This allows approx 30 mins for arriving and settling in, two hours of massage and service, and approx 30 mins for integration and reflection.

I will support you to have the best possible experience with guidance on preparation before your session, and follow up with you after your session as after care to support your integration and growth where your intention and preferences are aligned with that.


I will be travelling and working in different cities around Europe in the coming months. If any of these locations are more convenient for you than London get in touch and we'll work out how best to connect. 

  • Mar 2022 to May 2022 France - Paris

  • Jun 2022 to Aug 2022 Germany - Berlin

I will will continue to provide sessions in Manor House N4 in break periods between the European locations. 

  • May 2022 London - from 21 May to the end of the month

My London treatment space is very conveniently located a short underground ride from central London being just a few minutes walk from Manor House station on the Piccadilly Line.


Phone +44 7307 029268 

Feel free to message on whatsapp or via text

* * * please note * * * 

I can only work with clients who are able to take responsibility for maintaining and communicating their own boundaries at all times. I am not a therapist, counselor or psychotherapist. I am not qualified to treat someone with unresolved trauma. I absolutely do not want anything to happen in one of our sessions that you have any reason to regret later. If you have or suspect you may have unresolved trauma you must seek professional therapeutic help or guidance before working with a practitioner such as me. 

Best wishes