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Shadow Tantra

Some of our desires may trigger feelings of powerlessness, shame or guilt. These parts of our psyche have been rejected and repressed but live on in our Shadow. The boundary between light and dark defines the sharp edge of our erotic personalities. You are invited to play on the edge.

The play space is a zone where you set your boundaries and then enjoy any BDSM experience you wish such as rope play, impact play, consensual non-consent, fetish, kink or roleplay. You know you are safely within your limits, you can let go completely and be fearless in the dark.

Shadow Tantra can be as simple as a walk through a handful of playful scenes or a transgression that trashes taboos - you decide. It is a safe place to explore your edge and play safely within the boundaries that you set for your experience.

Image by Gaston Abascal
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