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Core Service

Your Session

Swedish Massage

This will be a short consultation of 10-15 minutes followed by a 60 minute non-erotic full body massage. You may have a shower at the end of the massage if you wish but I would recommend leaving the massage oil on your body for its rejuventating and refreshing properties.

Tantra Massage, Sensual Touch and Shadow Tantra.

A typical session will be three hours in three parts - 1) Arriving & Intention, 2) Massage or Play and 3) Integration & Departure. The exact timings between each will depend on what you want and how we build a session together that works for you. We will know best on the day what balance of conversation, connection and touch is needed depending on what feels true when we meet.

Session structure:

Duration - 3 hours

Arriving & Integration – approx 30 mins

Massage or Play – 2 hours more or less

Integration & Departure – approx 30 mins

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Arriving & Intention

I will welcome you to my home, a warm, comfortable and modern apartment within easy reach of central London.
There will be time to relax, have a cup of tea, settle in. I will invite you to breathe with me to allow any stressful feelings to start to leave and give you the chance to fully arrive. You will be free to share your intention for the session to shape the experience you want to have.

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Massage or Play

This is the main body of your experience and may be any of the three primary services I offer -

Tantra Massage, Sensual Touch or Shadow Play.

If you wish, we can create a special service for you, a bespoke combination of experiences

that brings you the greatest possibility of feeling truly and wonderfully alive.

Image by Dave Lowe

Integration & Departure

Wherever you may be in your journey to becoming fully sovereign over your sensual experiences

each session will be unique and have the potential for learning, healing and growth.

The integration phase is a chance to reflect and to be seen and to be heard, if there is anything you want to share.

In any case, there will be time to enjoy a cup of tea and connection before you leave.

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