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The Love Gym

The Love Gym is a dynamic two way intimacy practice that weaves massage, sensual touch, dance and physical exercise in a playful way that is guaranteed to burn calories while being nourishing and uplifting. This bespoke session will be designed to match your fitness level, technical ability and the degree of intimate touch you would like to experience.

The Love Gym is made up of a series of optional activities 

  • stretching

  • calisthenics

  • couples yoga

  • wild and free dancing

  • strip down wrestling

  • partner massage

each of which we can adjust in duration and content to make an energetic, fun and intimate session that's just right for you and the experience you want to have. 

I'm not a yoga teacher or fitness instructor. I am fully qualified massage therapist (ITEC Level 3) and a trained martial artist (Karate Black Belt). I cannot guarantee any fitness outcomes other than a healthy level of sweating and being nourished in a fun and safe environment.

Image by Jason Briscoe
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