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Amazing Tantric massage!
Laura, London

Welcome to Synchronicities,
an opportunity for you to explore massage and sensuality at your own pace,
expand your capacity to be present and enjoy pleasure 
with the help of a skilled and sensitive practitioner. 

Tantra Massage

Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition that teaches us to expand ('tan' = expansion) from our current state to merge with the universal consciousness ('tra' = liberation). I will guide you in this journey of expansion by tuning your awareness and attention into receiving pleasurable touch anchored in the present moment.

Image by Jordan Wozniak
Image by Igor Kasalovic

Sensual Massage

Too often our minds keep us locked in the past or future imaginings, forgetting we are only ever alive in the present moment. To really enjoy pleasure and feeling alive we must feel safe, cared for and open to a deep experience of touch, the sense most essential to feeling health, well being and happiness

Shadow Tantra

Some of our desires may trigger feelings of powerlessness, shame or guilt. These parts of our psyche have been rejected and repressed but live on in our Shadow. The boundary between light and dark defines the sharp edge of our erotic personalities. You are invited to challenge your comfort zone by playing on your erotic edge.

Image by Gaston Abascal
Image by Jason Briscoe

The Love Gym

The Love Gym is a dynamic two way intimacy practice that weaves massage, sensual touch, dance and physical exercise in a playful way that is guaranteed to burn calories while being nourishing and uplifting. This bespoke session will be designed to match your fitness level, technical ability and the degree of intimate touch you would like to experience.

Ritual BDSM

Ritual BDSM is an invitation to step over the edge and go deep into the shadow. Take your kink to the next level with a unique session inspired by your kink erotic blueprint. We'll co-create a ritual inspired by your must \ must not have boundaries and preferences for domination, restraint, impact play, role play, CNC and intimate touch.

Image by Artem Sapegin
Image by Tim Marshall

Hero's Journey and
Archetype Coaching

Our destiny is carved within us, etched in the shadows of our psyche where the light of our true selves was first blocked from shining out in the world. The Hero's Journey is the archetypal path we must all take to actualize our potential and realize our destiny, if we have the courage to do so. How will you answer your call to adventure?

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Shadow Tantra
Weekend Break

Escape the cold north European winter with a  Shadow Tantra weekend in the Algarve on the south coast of Portugal. Come to a magical setting and chose a combination of sessions to treat yourself to a special sensual weekend of what most appeals to you healing and transformation or adventure and play or all of the above.


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