Sensual, sacred, soothing

touch and attention 

for women and couples.


Talks and thoughts 

on how synchronicity might be a key to

open our minds, unlock our hearts and free our spirits

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Sacred, sensual, soothing

touch and attention

for women and couples

Amazing tantric massage! Highly recommended.

Laura, London

Do you wish to experience deep sensual self awareness and pleasure? Do you want to feel incredibly alive? You were born a thinking, feeling, sensual person, it is your birthright to enjoy intimacy that will bring you to the heights of ecstasy and the depths of truly embodied bliss. 

Come into a safe space where you will be free to be playful and express however you like, whatever you feel and be the centre of loving attention. Share your deepest desires, let go of any patterns of shame that may be limiting you and give yourself permission to grow into the self-aware, sovereign, sensual person you were born to be. 

Image by Valentin Salja

Talks on how synchronicity may be a key to

open our minds, unlock our hearts and free our spirits

Carl Jung introduced the idea of synchronicity as a 'meaningful coincidence' if two or more events have no causal relationship but appear to be meaningfully related. I believe we encounter synchronicity when our conscious awareness is directly informed by our unconscious.  I believe our unconscious is a common collective store of ancient wisdom and understanding of what it means to be human. And I also believe when two minds come into awareness of each other, truly, deeply and profoundly aware, we can have an appreciation of what it means to be fully alive, present and free. This is synchronicity.

Jung also developed the theory of archetypes. This is the idea that we are not born tabula rasa, our minds a blank slate to be written on by the hand of lived experience. We are born with evolved inherited psychic structures common to us all and shared across our collective unconscious. These structures help us to understand ourselves and others as we grow. Where we are able to grow in a healthy way we can hope to grow to fullness. Where we are blocked somehow in our growing we make take on shadow. Shadow is an egoistically distorted archetypal structure that nurtures the pain of our blocks and projects their energy on to others - our path to fullness as adults is learning to integrate our shadow.

We only have to look around to see the masculine in leadership is often not mature, loving and far sighted, as we need it to be, it is often immature, self-serving and short term. It is our nature to seek harmony between the masculine and feminine archetypes. It also offers us practical tool kits for day to day honest reflection, self awareness and personal growth.


Whether your desire is to be worshipped like a Goddess, enjoy sensual touch like a Wild Woman or be initiated into the sacred healing of Shamanic BDSM, my intention is to serve you on your erotic journey of joy, growth and healing.

Tantra Massage

Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition that teaches us to expand ('tan' = expansion) from our current state to merge with the universal consciousness ('tra' = liberation). I will guide you in this journey of expansion by tuning your awareness and attention into receiving pleasurable touch anchored in the present moment.

Sensual Massage

Too often our minds keep us locked in the past or future imaginings, forgetting we are only ever alive in the present moment. To really enjoy pleasure and feeling alive we must feel safe, cared for and open to a deep experience of touch, the sense most essential to feeling health, well being and happiness

Shadow Play

Some of our desires may trigger feelings of powerlessness, shame or guilt. These parts of our psyche have been rejected and repressed but live on in our Shadow. The boundary between light and dark defines the sharp edge of our erotic personalities. You are invited to challenge your comfort zone by playing on your erotic edge.



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