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SOULSTICE SPIRIT FESTIVAL - 21, 28 June and 5 July

I'm excited to be taking part in the Soulstice Spirit Festival over three consecutive Sundays from the 21st of June.
My partner Kasia Gwilliam and I are very much looking forward to delivering three one hour talks on the archetypes, one on each of the festival days.

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I'm very grateful to be part of a wonderful line up at the Pursuit of Pleasure Festival. I will deliver a two hour experiential journey linking the archetypes of King, Warrior, Magician Lover with the Hero's Journey.

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Jung developed the theory of archetypes, the idea that we are not born tabula rasa, our minds a blank slate to be written on by the hand of lived experience. Rather, we are born with evolved inherited psychic structures common to us all and shared across our collective unconscious. These structures help us to understand ourselves and others as we grow. Where we are able to grow in a healthy way we can hope to grow to fullness. Where we are blocked somehow in our growing we make take on shadow. Shadow is an egoistically distorted archetypal structure that nurtures the pain of our blocks and projects their energy on to others - our path to fullness as adults is learning to integrate our shadow.

The theory was put forward most famously by Carl Jung a hundred years ago. It was more recently amplified and brought to a deeper contemporary relevance by Moore and Gillette in their excellent 1990 work King, Warrior, Magician, Lover - one of the gifts of which is the argument that we are not living in a patriarchy, but a puerarchy. We are not ruled by men, but by boys, people in men's bodies who have not yet reached maturity.

We only have to look around to see the masculine in leadership is often not mature, loving and far sighted, as we need it to be, it is often immature, self-serving and short term. To find balance we need the masculine in ourselves and the world to mature and we need the feminine in ourselves and the world to be an equal partner. 800 years ago Rumi told us that which we seek is seeking us - it is our nature to seek this harmony. And If you have ever felt what truth feels like in your body, you know what it feels like for this harmony to be calling you.

The archetypes are beyond gender and non-binary, the masculine and feminine archetypes exist in all of us in our collective unconscious - they must do otherwise we would not be able to recognise them in others. And being present in all of us, are all equally accessible for own personal understanding. It is our nature to seek harmony between the masculine and feminine archetypes. It also offers us practical tool kits for day to day honest reflection, self awareness and personal growth.

I hope you'll be able to join us, and find lots of other interesting and enlightening talks across the festival.

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